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How to spend less time nagging and more time setting the right example

The other day I was having a discussion with the guys. Afterward, it reminded me of something I have heard before. There is an excerpt I remembered from the video Brotherhood: Life in the FDNY. I want to share that with you real quick and then go into the story.  “It’s the glorious part of the job, cleaning the sink. Somebody’s got to do it. There’s no sense in complaining about anything, because you know, you see something that has to be done, you ...

The Real Trick To Fitting Quality Training In While Being At A Busy House

Last week, I made a post about keeping members engaged while being at a slow house.  So its fitting to address the opposite side of the spectrum and talk about training when your time is limited. There’s a good chance that your station would fall somewhere between this article and the previous one. Everyone is busy.  Busy does not mean productive though. To be successful, you must maximize the time that you do have to be as productive as possible. I’m too busy is just ...


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