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Fix Your Firehouse Academy

Everyone's talking about team building, right? We all know that a bad leader can ruin a good crew. But what almost no one understands about the concept of team building is something you’ll never guess and I would love to talk about right here.

I'm super passionate about educating firefighters on the truth about How I nailed a cultural change in my firehouse the first year as a company officer without driving my crew out or losing any relationships.

I'm here to help you take action, become influential, and to give you the tools you need to make your fire station a Firehouse.

So, what is this mystery concept? It's actually something you have complete control over. So, before you tune me out I know what you're probably thinking “yea right, you don’t understand, i’ve tried everything, but the amazing thing is I've developed a system that I use regularly with new and different crew members thats keeps producing the same result.  

So, what are these amazing benefits I'll go into right now for you. 

So, there's three secrets I love to share about a culture change that not many people know about.. 

So first thing is I bet there's something you want to see changed....Most think they have to wait til they have a specific rank. In actuality The higher you climb, the less influence you have.

Influence is actually built side by side with people. Starting NOW will make everything easier.

  • So number one is a new policy or a new chief is not the answer to what you have been waiting for….and, in fact, can hurt the process. You.....YES you have more influence than a piece of paper or a chief sitting in an office away from your firehouse. Firehouse’s are influenced by the members in the firehouse. So you don’t have to wait for some chiefs approval to make things better.  
  • The second thing is that To Enact A Change In Behavior In Others On Your Next Shift you have to show them what to do. It's what's called a leading by example. I know people should already know certain things but that’s not the world we live in. Some people need extra attention to help them get on the right track. Who else better to show them than you? Behavior is infectious. So spread a good one. To get a different results, you must do something different.  
  • The third secret is to strengthen the brotherhood in your firehouse even with a divided admin and a rebellious senior man you have to build your relationship with everyone on your team. This creates a healthy environment in your firehouse. People like to do things for people they like. The people who seem to have difficulties dealing with people also have difficulties building relationships. Focus on strengthening your relationships.

So, I've created a program for those who are ready to create a culture change and implement this opportunity. The program will help you get through to people and make impactful change after your first month... without consistent resistance to everything or miserable attitudes.

It's designed for company officers who want to create the team they want. Senior firefighter who want to use their influence to impact the crew. The New guy who wants to make changes without being shut down all the time.

I spent years traveling to conferences, learning from some great leaders, and implementing these golden nuggets. It consumed a lot of my time and money. My current system is a mix of all the best things I learned that worked. This system is packed up into a simple program for anyone to learn from the convenience of their home.

The only way to truly learn “Firehouse” Leadership Strategies quickly and effectively, is to model those who have already paved the way and done the work. In other words, hack your way faster and better!

If you're ready to avoid as much frustration as possible and see results...

Check out the Fix Your Firehouse Academy!

ACT NOW and join the Fix Your Firehouse Academy,You Get Full & Immediate Access To...

Fix Your Firehouse  Immersion Course ($997 Value)

  • Strategy 1:  If not you, then who
  • Strategy 2:  Get everyone on the same page
  • Strategy 3. Firehouse Family
  • Strategy 4:  Your time is valuable
  • Strategy 5:  Operating at peak performance
  • Strategy 6: The secret to increased morale
  • Strategy 7:  Leave the fire service better than you found it

Treating Toxic Teammates Course ($497 Value)

  • Overcoming personality obstructions
  • Learn to "flank" the opposition

All Access Pass to previous Squad House Coaching Calls ($3240 Value) 

Company Officer eLogbook & Training ($497 Value) 

  • track, schedule, accomplish whats most important without worrying about distractions
  • video training on all the features

Ultimate Training Plan ($297 Value) 

  • 156 days of training inspiration
  • twelve editable monthly calendars
  • no more "I just don't know what to do"
  • training on best practices for putting on trainings
  • multiple objectives to accompany fire trainings
  • custom picked youtube videos

20 Days Program Of E-Coaching  ($97 Value) so you can be guided step by step through a mini coaching program

Expectations Bonus Module ($97 Value) so you can deliver your own expectations successfully

Strategy Implementation Guides ($97 Value)  so you can stay on track on most important actions

Total Value Over $5,819!

Get Started TODAY For Just $297!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

We are serious about our program and want you to be serious too. 
Therefore, as long as you do the homework and show that you made an effort, we will refund your money 100% if you are not happy with the program within 30 days of purchase.

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